Guess The 90s Level 4 Answers

You can find answers to all the puzzles from Level 4 of Guess The 90s. The cheats includes the following categories – Toys, Music, Tv Show, Product, Game.
Guess the 90s Level 4-1 – Super Soaker Toys (11 letters 2 words) – Red and yellow water gun shaped toy
Guess the 90s Level 4-2 – Spice Girls Music (10 letters 2 words) – Group of teen girls in modern outfit with one of them showing victory sign
Guess the 90s Level 4-3 – Dharma and Greg Tv Show (13 letters 2 words) – A man in brown coat lying on the shoulder of a blond shot hair woman in red dress
Guess the 90s Level 4-4 – Treasure Trolls Product (14 letters 2 words) – Brown color toys with red and yellow long hair standing up, smiling with their hands stretched
Guess the 90s Level 4-5 – Moon Shoes Toys (9 letters 2 words) – A girl in yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with big pink shoes jumping
Guess the 90s Level 4-6 – Power Rangers Tv Show (19 letters 2 words) – A group in robo costume with helmet
Guess the 90s Level 4-7 – Mall Madness Game (11 letters 2 words) – A board game with yellow floor involving mall
Guess the 90s Level 4-8 – Blossom Tv Show (7 letters 2 words) – A group of people sitting with Ted Wass
Guess the 90s Level 4-9 – 98 Degrees Music (9 letters 2 words) – A group of men in black outfit standing with one in a V-neck t-shirt and the other with a hat
Guess the 90s Level 4-10 – Easy Bake Oven Toys (12 letters 3 words) – Oven shaped toy with plates, violet/blue tray

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