Guess the 90s Level 41 Answers

Guess the 90s game got updated in Facebook recently, we are the first ones to provide answers for these updated levels.
Guess the 90s level 41-1 – Everclear Music (9 letters) – A group of men standing with their hands folded, one of them having tattoo
Guess the 90s level 41-2 – Candice Bergen Actress (13 letters 2 words) – Actress smiling in black coat, red scarf around her neck
Guess the 90s level 41-3 – Jen Lindley Character (10 letters 2 words) – Brown shirt lady with brown hair, blag bag on her shoulder
Guess the 90s level 41-4 – A Time To Kill Movies (11 letters 4 words) – A man in grey coat and a lady in black dress standing next
Guess the 90s level 41-5 – Celine Dion Music (10 letters 2 words) – Lady laughing with black hair, thin neck
Guess the 90s level 41-6 – LL Cool J Music (7 letters 3 words) – African American man with black cap, dog tag, staring
Guess the 90s level 41-7 – 311 Music (3 letters) – A group of men with one of them in green t-shirt and finger on his lips
Guess the 90s level 41-8 – R E M Music (3 letters 3 words) – Group of men in black suit with one of them in black hat showing his hands out
Guess the 90s level 41-9 – Resident Evil Video Games (12 letters 2 words) – A video game man and lady in green army uniform, black gloves and green cap
Guess the 90s level 41-10 – Jenny Mccarthy (13 letters 2 words) – A blonde lady in tank tops with letters “lingerie buwl”

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