Guess The 90s Level 5 Answers

Here are the cheats to Guess the 90s level 5 which is available in Facebook, Android and IOS. The 90s puzzles are from Tv Show, Game, Icon, Character, Music and Toys categories.
Guess the 90s Level 5-1 – TMNT Tv Show (5 letters) – Turtles with weapons
Guess the 90s Level 5-2 – Ouija Board Game (10 letters 2 words) – Brown color board game with alphabets and yes with smiley face on top
Guess the 90s Level 5-3 – Jesse Camp Icon (9 letters 2 words) – A thin person with messy black hair and blue coat with various badges
Guess the 90s Level 5-4 – Doogie Howser Character (12 letters 2 words) – A boy in doctor outfil with stethoscope (neil patrick harris)
Guess the 90s Level 5-5 – Mickey Mouse Club Tv Show (13 letters 3 words) – A group of teens laughing
Guess the 90s Level 5-6 – LFO Music (3 letters) – Boy band with one wearing a bandana
Guess the 90s Level 5-7 – Dinosaurs Tv Show (9 letters) – Monster / Green monster tv show
Guess the 90s Level 5-8 – Polly Pocket Toys (11 letters 2 words) – Yellow color heart shaped box with pick interiors filled with toys
Guess the 90s Level 5-9 – Dream Phone Game (10 letters 2 words) – Cards, board with red color phone in the middle
Guess the 90s Level 5-10 – Daria Tv Show (5 letters) – Cartoon characters of two girls one with black hair red jacket, the other with brown hair, glasses, red coat

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